About Canopus

A Business Services Firm specializing in Strategy Execution & Customer Experience Management.

Our Mission

“We help our clients to attain an Advantageous & Profitable position in their business!”

Our Offerings

  • Strategy Execution Services
    • Formulate and deploy organizational and functional strategies
    • Facilitate and support on-going execution of strategic initiatives
    • Lead Hoshin Kanri Deployment
    • Partner in Blue Ocean Creation
    • Drive an organization culture of ‘Execution’
  • Customer Experience Management
    • Customer Retention and Churn Management
    • Customer Experience Re-design
    • Develop Predictive Customer Analytics/Models
    • Enchance your customer’s productivity
    • Touch-point efficacy improvement
  • Business Transformation Services
    • Lead End-to-End Business Transformation projects using Lean & Six Sigma
    • Lead Re-engineering Projects
    • Support Balance Scorecard Deployment
    • Facilitate Business Process Management

Our Clientele

Our clients include Barclays, Vodafone, Pepsico, Barry-Wehmiller, Tractors & Farm Equipment(TAFE), Temenos Banking Software Company, Lumis Partners, KarROX Technologies, etc.

We choose our engagements carefully and limit the number we accept, thus allowing us to focus our full attention on each project and give it our best!

Our Engagement Principles

Our clients consider us as trusted & preferred partner because:

  • We establish peer-relationship & personal rapport with client teams
  • We dirty our hands rather than advising...simply walk in client’s shoes!
  • We provide disproportionate value than what the client pays for…. atleast 5 times more
  • We transfer explicit & tacit know-how of every project with client teams


Here’s what we don’t do

  • Theorize client’s problem and sell it back to them
  • Thrive on Jargon!
  • See every interaction as potential opportunity to sale our services
  • Force your problem into a ‘methodology’ we know
  • Attempt to make projects bigger or longer than they need to be
  • Produce an elaborate dossier called ‘Project Report’ that reiterates the problem

Other Initiatives

  • We provide coach Senior Management on  developing their execution skills. This initiative is called as ‘Make-it-happen’ Coaching
  • We provide competitive career advantage to young professionals, powering them with a highly affordable Lean Six Sigma Qualification. This initiative is called as www.SixSigmaCertificationCourse.com

Please visit our resources page for Free Articles, e-Learning Courses, Insights, Videos, Case Studies, etc.,

To know more about Neil …Here.

General Manager – Supply Chain Management, Abbott Truecare Pharma Pvt. Ltd “Neil is a very accomplished consultant. He is able to relate each concept to a real life situation. Would like to hear him again”

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