Customer Experience

Growth Barriers and Refine Value Proposition

Background Client has growth related issues Solution Identified barriers for growth.

Customer Experience Strategy

A customer experience strategy has a profound impact on the overall organization. An more importantly it has to seamlessly integrate with the organizational strategy. We help assess the current state of maturity and create a Customer Experience blueprint


A IT services firm wanted to identify the key drivers for their customer loyalty. Clean-up and review of existing customer satisfaction/loaylty survey

Revamp and Launch Complaint Management System

A financial services operations team wanted to establish a standard process for addressing customer complaints by implementing a complaint management system.

Conduct Kano Survey for Consumer Product to Identify Customer Prioritizes

A consumer goods company wanted to understand customers’ priority over their customer requirements to develop a product that is well positioned to meet articulated needs, unarticulated needs and differentiated from competition

Evolve Customer Experience Strategy

A Bank’s retail business unit wanted to evolve a customer experience strategy. Detailed current state assessment based on VOC, interviews, data analysis

Plant output improvement for Air-conditioner Manufacturer

An air conditioner manufacturer wasn’t able to increase its plant output in spite of doubling its labor and moving to three shift production. As a result, they were not able to meet the market demand for their products.

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