Customer Experience

Customer Experience Strategy

Customer Experience Strategy

A customer experience strategy has a profound impact on the overall organization. An more importantly it has to seamlessly integrate with the organizational strategy. We help assess the current state of maturity and create a Customer Experience blueprint and its implementation approach using the following steps:

  • Comprehensive assessment of current state
  • Gap analysis in core experience
  • Primary and Secondary Research of your Customer’s environment
  • Evolve an aspiration customer experience strategy
  • Integrate with overall organizational strategy
  • Drive implementation of Customer Experience strategy

Involves evaluation of product offering, pricing, channels, touch-points, technology, staff behavior and attitude, problem handling capability and service quality initiatives, customer research, surveying, competition benchmarking, technology enhancements, process improvements, staff training, incentives, etc.,

  • Measurable Results:
    • Reduction in Customer Churn
    • Increase in C-Sat and Customer Loyalty
    • Increase repeat business, cross-selling revenues
    • Reduction in cost of poor service
  • Definitive and time bound program for improvement in customer experience
  • Integration with organizational strategy rather than stand-alone approach

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