We help to transform your enterprise’s business processes into the best-in-class using the principles of lean management.

‘Lean’ Management is really the machine that changed the world! Manufacturing and service enterprises across the world are transforming their business using the simple principles of ‘Lean’. In doing so, they become agile, flexible and customer-centric, apart from becoming much more efficient and effective. Many lean programs produce one-off savings rather than taking a holistic approach of transformation, but our first-hand exposure from the Japanese leaders of Toyota will transform your business.


  • Measurable results in the business processes such as:
    • End-to-End lead time reduction from Order to Delivery
    • Improvement in on-time delivery
    • Improvement in throughput
    • First-time right (Defect reduction)
    • Increase in productivity
    • Flexibility in operations
  • Additional measurable results in manufacturing include:
    • Inventory reduction
    • Improvement in Overall Equipment Effectiveness(OEE)
  • Waste(Muda) elimination across the organization

Impact Areas

  • Business Processes
    • Value stream improvement
    • Waste elimination
    • Standardization & multi-skilling
    • Policy deployment
    • Supply Chain & Logistics
      • Kanban
      • JIT
      • Manufacturing operations
        • Mixed model flexibility
        • Cellular manufacturing
        • Load leveling & line balancing
        • SMED
        • Organization cultural impact
        • Lean internal capability building