Lean Transformation

Lean Transformation

We help to transform your enterprise’s business processes using the principles of lean management.

‘Lean’ Management is really the machine that changed the world! Manufacturing and service enterprises across the world are transforming their business using the principles of ‘Lean’.

Benefits of Lean Transformation

  • Measurable results in the business processes are in Service levels of Delivery & Quality, Productivity & Cost
  • Flexibility in operations
  • Inventory reduction
  • Improvement in Overall Equipment Effectiveness(OEE)

Impact Areas

  • Business Processes
    • Value stream improvement
    • Waste elimination
    • Standardization & multi-skilling
    • Policy deployment
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
    • Kanban
    • JIT
  • Manufacturing operations
    • Mixed model flexibility
    • Cellular manufacturing
    • Load leveling & line balancing
    • SMED


Lean Assessment is an in-depth expert driven assessment that includes gemba visits, interviews, surveys and data analysis to evaluate the current state and recommend a ‘Lean Transformation Roadmap’ for services and manufacturing organizations. Learn more

Carpet Bombing is an expert facilitated solution to streamline the process for lower cost, process defects & higher throughput. It involves systematic cleanup of value stream using lean tools such 5S & Muda (waste elimination). Learn more

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