We help organizations  to design & implement future fit processes.

Whether you call it process design, process re-design or BPR, the objective is same. It is to challenge the status-quo, the way work is done today and create processes & practices that are future fit, ones that support your growth and aspirations. We help organizations to establish their baseline performance, ratify their vision for future fit processes, design and implement processes using appropriate tools and technology, both for greenfield projects and re-engineering existing processes.


Measurable results include:
  • First-time right (Defect reduction)
  • Increase in productivity
  • Reduction in cost of poor quality (COPQ)
  • Reduction in customer complaints
  • Reduction in warranty cost
  • Improvement in cost per product/service offering

Impact Areas

  • Process design & implementation in service organizations
    • Current state assessment
    • Business process definitions
    • Agreement on service levels, measures of success and operations metrics
    • New process design
    • Technology integration
    • Process documentation
    • Project manage the implementation of process design
    • RFP for technology up gradation
    • Process pilot
    • Process training
    • Establish governance mechanisms
    • Process reviews/audit mechanism
  • Process design & implementation in manufacturing organization
    • Process flow design for various products
    • Decision of in-house manufacturing Vs sourcing
    • Plant layout with processes (cell manufacturing as per lean principles)
    • Workstation design
    • Assembly automation tools selection
    • Tooling RFP generation
    • SPM RFP generation
    • Material handling Design
    • Capacity planning – equipment capacity, labor and storage
    • Process cycle estimation using industrial engineering
    • Project manage the implementation of process design
    • Facilitation of machine capability (dependent on tooling design, but we’ll facilitate)
    • TAKT time delivery and output optimization
    • Labor training on assembly activities
    • 5S and material handling standard establishment
    • Establishment of quality standards (incoming, in-house and final product)