Business Model Innovation

Business Model Innovation Consultant, India

We help you to maximize the market opportunity for your product/services.

Business Model Innovation involves value creation through factors such as your target segment, market boundaries, product or service offering, revenue and cost models, buyer personas, emotional-functional orientation, etc.

By using the Blue Ocean Strategy, Design Thinking & Market Disruption models, we help you challenge the status-quo on some fundamental principles underlying your product or services.

We also conduct Business Model Innovation training workshops.

Benefits of Business Model Innovation

  • Measurable results include,
    • Increase in opportunities
    • Increase in productivity and margins
    • Increase in revenue
    • Increase in market share
  • Create new markets & cater to untapped demand
  • Gain first mover advantage!


  • Better positioning
  • Widen your reach of products/services
  • Conversion Emotional value to tangible value
  • Innovative pricing model and cost model
Self Assessment on Business Model Innovation

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