eBook: The Master Book for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification


CSSGB Comprehensive Study Guide for Certification Exams and Job Interviews (Paperback – India)



CSSGB Comprehensive Study Guide for Certification Exams and Job Interviews

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This book contains all the 3 parts as a single ebook(247 Pages)

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About the Book

In my experience of coaching over 3000 candidates for Lean Six Sigma Certifications and having interviewed over 300 candidates for Lean Six Sigma roles, one thing I can say with conviction is that Six Sigma is overwhelming and a difficult subject when it comes to answers questions in exams or in interviews. While many practitioners understand the concepts of Lean Six Sigma, they fail to give ‘right’ answers in these instances. They fail to create the right impression in the interview. Instead, they leave an impression of mere familiarity, which doesn’t make the cut either in Interviews or Exams.

Why this book?

While preparing for CSSGB exams of ASQ & IASSC, a learner like you encounters a lot of doubt. If you have to clear exams, you should have crystal clear understanding of all the concepts and you should know to paraphrase it in the right way. Whether you are taking objective or subjective type exams, these are critical aspects.
  • As a result, this book is structured in the form of Q & A.
  • All necessary concepts are explained with examples across industries. In interviews, interviewers test application knowledge; I have seen candidates drawing a blank when you ask them for an example.
  • It is comprehensive and covers all the necessary topics that a CSSGB needs to know. It is drawn based on universal curriculum that maps to both ASQ & IASSC Body of Knowledge.

How to use this book?

  • While preparing for CSSGB exams, reading the book sequentially will help
  • Before an interview, you can brush up the topics of your choice

Structure of this Book?

As this is an in-depth study material, it is voluminous. Thus the content is split into 3 parts. While Part 1 covers, Six Sigma Overview & Define Phase, Part 2 covers Measure, Part 3 Analyze, Improve & Control phases.

Further reading?

If you wish to learn about various application aspects, tips and practical nitty-gritties, you will find out online learning courses invaluable.

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