Quality & Productivity Enhancement

We help organizations to create a superior Quality & Productivity culture.

Quality & Productivity are the building blocks of any institution. True quality permeates beyond products and services. It is a way of life in any institution. Achieving zero defects and benchmark productivity is about establishing a delicate balance of process, people, technology, culture, inputs and information. We help organizations to achieve this balance by hand-holding them through the journey.


Measurable results include:
  • First-time right (defect reduction)
  • Increase in productivity
  • Reduction in cost of poor quality(COPQ)
  • Reduction in customer complaints
  • Reduction in warranty cost
  • Improvement in cost per product/service offering

Impact Areas

  • Build in-process quality for products & services
  • Quality & productivity metrics management
  • Variation reduction in quality & productivity
  • Complaint management mechanism
  • Establishing a culture of quality
  • Improvement projects