Sales Transformation

We help to transform your fragmented sales processes to one that can consistently deliver revenue growth for the future.

The revenue generation engine of any organization hardly goes through a maintenance or overhaul. It is now proven that selling is yet another process and hence it can be replicated across the organization.


  • Measurable results in the sales process such as:
    • Reduction of Opportunity-to-Lead, Lead-to-Order & Order-to-Cash turnaround time
    • Improvement in lead conversion ratio (throughput improvement)
    • Increase in order size
    • Reduction in cost of acquisition
    • Increase in No. of opportunities per channel
  • Transparency in sales process
  • Culture of proactive decision making rather than reactive
  • Move to process centric approach from people centric approach

Impact Areas

  • Go-To-Market strategy formulation & implementation
  • Expanding the opportunity – market sizing & opportunity creation
  • Customer value proposition & customer segmentation
  • Funnel management
  • Sales force effectiveness
  • Sales metrics – Key drivers
  • Review of incentive program
  • Account management framework for B2B
  • Sales skills enhancement