Eliminate Recurring Problems

Is your organization facing recurring escalations from clients and internal stakeholders? Is eliminating recurring problems your priority right now? However big or small your organization is, repeated issues directly cause a dent on the brand image. Needless to say, building brand image costs time, effort, creativity and money, but such escalations in social media or directly to senior management can destroy all the good will.

Most often, these recurring escalations are addressed by creating dedicated ‘escalation management team’, transactional fixes, justifications, service recovery, new tech, goodies, etc.

But remember escalations are symptoms of systemic issues:

Addressing the Issue of Recurring Problems

We can help you in alleviating the issue of recurring problems in the following manner:

  • Comprehensive analysis to identify system level root causes
  • Create S1(recovery), S2 (correction) and S3(prevention) plans
  • Employee skill and capability building on RCA
  • Deriving insights based on data analytics on root causes
  • Client retention and communication
  • Process re-design

But it all depends on what your real pain point is? Contact us to identifysimplest ways to help you make quick, lasting and measurable impact.

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