Checksheet for Process Design in Manufacturing Organization

Following are some of the important steps involved in Process Design in Manufacturing Organizations. It can also serve as a check sheet if you are commencing process design in your organization.

  • Process flow design for various products
  • Decision of in-house manufacturing Vs sourcing
  • Plant layout with processes (cell manufacturing as per lean principles)
  • Workstation design
  • Assembly automation tools selection
  • Tooling RFP generation
  • SPM RFP generation
  • Material handling Design
  • Capacity planning – equipment capacity, labor and storage
  • Process cycle estimation using industrial engineering
  • Project manage the implementation of process design
  • Facilitation of machine capability (dependent on tooling design, but we’ll facilitate)
  • TAKT time delivery and output optimization
  • Labor training on assembly activities
  • 5S and material handling standard establishment
  • Establishment of quality standards (incoming, in-house and final product)

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