Customer Experience: Benefits of Customer Refunds

Customer Experience: Are there any advantages for refunding a client for a problem he experienced before he is actually asking for it?

Refunds impacts #customerexperience. It depends on the product/service and the nature of the problem. More importantly the emotional state of the consumer.  Its a norm now is some industries to offer 30 day refund window.

Ideally, its best to address the problem and resolve it (Corrective Action First). If the problem cannot be resolved, well then, you have a bigger issue on hand than just refunding. Your organization’s reputation is on stake.

If its a one off case and if the customer is too pushy on some aspect, then proactively refund.

On the other hand, proactively refunding, when the customer shows no sign of regret for making the purchase, would send wrong signals that they are being made guinea pigs on some beta proto!

To sum up, designing the refunding policy for a large organization isn’t just putting up a document and communicating it to all the staff. Its much more than that.

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