Customer Journey Mapping Definition

Customer Journey Mapping Definition:

Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) is a framework to explore all possible scenarios of customer’s journey so that we can implement the best design. It plays an very important role in Customer Experience (CX) Management and Customer Experience Re-design.

As an approach, in Customer Journey Mapping, we create a map of the customer’s journey to shop, journey to buy and journey to use our products or services. Thus Customer Journey Mapping is a Design Thinking Tool that is aimed at improving our understanding of customers and their needs.

Customer Journey Mapping Definition

Customer Journey Mapping Definition

Salient Features of Customer Journey Mapping

When you start a journey map, the emphasis is more improving our understanding rather than focusing on its accuracy. So you can choose to assume how the customer’s journey is or ought to be and create a customer journey map. Using this as a starting point, you frame few hypotheses and then using customer research, validate if it those are true. This way, you can challenge status quo, empathize with the customers and better understand their needs.

As a result, Customer Journey Map is created based strong experimentation or fact validation. It is a factual map of how the customers get things done. So, you can create a Customer Journey Map, even when you don’t have a product or service to cater to customer needs. All you are trying to do is map the customer’s journey from inception to exit, though in major part of this journey, the customer may or may not even interact with your products and services.

One of the big differences or advantages of Customer Journey Map is that, it takes a holistic view of the entire customer journey rather than fixing isolated events. Such isolated improvements are very common general practice in the industry. They can relieve customer pain points but cannot help you re-invent or re-design the entire customer experience. Instead of choosing such piece meal approaches go for Customer Journey Mapping.

Benefits of Customer Journey Mapping

Typical benefits of Customer Journey Mapping includes improvement in Customer Retention, revenue enhancement through up sell, cross sell and share of wallet improvement, increase in customer experience (CX), customer satisfaction (C-Sat) & customer loyalty (NPS), ability create wow moments or delights for customer and the power to emotionally connect with the customer.

Customer Journey Mapping Training Course

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