Do top Management Consulting Firms Value Candidates with Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification?

As a Management Consultant, clients expect you to diagnose, analysis and synthesize to solve their problems or help them create new opportunities.

Tools of Lean Six Sigma help to challenge and change the status-quo.

So there should be no doubt about its relevance to your career. It will  certainly help you in long run.

Management Consulting Firms expect candidates to be familiar with several management approaches and Lean Six Sigma is one of them. There are many more such as ToC, System Thinking, Design Thinking, etc.,

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Well, if your question is about getting through in the interview of a management consulting firm, then I should confess that having a professional certification will not be the only reason to hire you.  Think about it this way, if there is a better candidate without a professional certification, how much does it take for a top notch management consulting firm to provide them the training and get them certified?

That’s exactly what a top notch management consulting firm has done. It has got over 100 of its associates including Consultants, Senior Consultants, Managers and Directors Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified by

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