How to measure Customer Centricity Maturity & Attitude

Behavioral and cultural maturity on Customer Centricity with maturity grid..

An unique attitude based organizational evaluation is used to understand behavioral and cultural maturity and can provide insights on where and what kind of attention is needed from leadership to improve Customer Centricity. Instead of dispersed efforts, they can take focused actions.

An overall maturity rating for the organization or cohort of employees will quantitatively assess current state.

A maturity grid below can give relative position and also provide a benchmark.

Customer Centricity Maturity Levels

To arrive at this maturity level:

  • Customer Centricity of an organization across 8 dimensions is assessed and outcome will be an overall Customer Centricity Score against 4 maturity levels.
  • Unlike traditional assessments, in this survey participants’ attitude is evaluated by giving them 8 random scenarios and they have to select what they will do or feel in each of the situation. This way, it eliminates respondent bias.
  • Outcome is compiled in an interactive Customer Centricity report – a dashboard

Access Customer Centricity Maturity Interactive Dashboard here

For organizations of employee headcount (20 – 80) this Customer Centricity Evaluation is free.

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