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  • This is a IASSC Green Belt Certification Sample Test.
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1. When a process is producing very high defects, which of the following approaches will be useful?
2. When your data is non-normal, which strategy is appropriate to use?
3. Which of the following elements Is NOT a Muda while making a sandwich?
4. What is the difference between C-Charts and U-Charts?
5. When CpK value for a process is equal to Zero, what is the inference?
6. Your car's speedometer is accurate for slow speeds and its inaccuracy increasing for higher speeds. What is your inference?
7. A green belt did a regression and got an equation, Productivity = 2+ 5* Experience(in years) with a pearson's correlation coefficient of 0.3. He predicts that for 2 years of experience, productivity would be 12. What would be your recommendation?
8. A doctor recommends a surgery to be patient who doesn't need it at all. He commits a _______ risk
9. Value Stream Mapping can be used for which of the following scenarios?
a) A process with high lead time
b) A process with high inventory
c) A process with high defects
d) A process with high cost
10. The difference between the observed value of the dependent variable and the predicted value is called as _____________

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