Innovation Vs Creativity

Innovation & Creativity have strong linkages, but they are not the same. Creativity leads to Innovation. It is a sub-set of innovation but an important constituent.

It takes creative people to generate ideas that are novel. Innovation structures the idea – gives it form, executes the idea & thus makes it commercially workable.

  • Creativity is usually spontaneous.
  • Creativity is still considered by many to be a gift, but it’s been proven, that’s just a myth!
  • It isn’t possible to structure creativity as much as innovation.

On the contrary, Innovation is completely different ball game.

  • Innovation is a structured process of screening and converting creative ideas into commercially viable value to customers, shareholders and society
  • Innovation involves leadership commitment
  • Innovation requires patience and perseverance

By the way, 80% of managers can’t differentiate between creativity & innovation. It’s a fact!

That’s why I thought this quick note will be useful.

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