One-on-One Coaching is more than a training

Would you visit a doctor who prescribes mass medication? No, Period.

Many times we need personal attention and specific guidance. Our learning & development is one such thing. That’s why we seek out for personal gym trainer or sports coach. But unfortunately when it comes to our professional development, we leave to our employers to manage it for us. Be it a training program, coaching session or on-job learning.

    As class room training forms a large part of a professional development plan, consider answering the following…
  • Did you feel portions of the training were irrelevant to you?
  • Did you feel the duration of training be reworked?
  • You don’t clarify your doubts in the class due to fear of ridicule or want of time.
  • You exchanged views with the trainer during breaks.
  • You rarely applied in real life what was taught in the training!
  • You can barely recollect ’know hows’ from the training?

If you have a consistent ‘Yes’, you can do something about it.

Class room trainings are designed to ‘knowledge transfer’. In many cases, only the theory or science gets transferred, not the art of doing! As per research of University of Maryland, retention and application of a skill are far superior in a 1-o-1 coaching setup than classroom training.

When to consider 1-o-1 Coaching over training? If you are particularly interested in acquiring a skill that you will significantly help you meet your personal or professional goals or if it is about life-saving skill, then you should go for a 1-o-1 coaching. Fact based decision making, delivering excellence in business, financial management, leadership etc., are key skills that determine your growth in today’s corporate environment. In many of these cases, we may already possess some level of competency and hence attending a structured class room hardly helps!

Take a personal interest in your professional development to enhance or develop such skills by diverting your efforts and resources for them.

    What to expect in a 1-o-1 Coaching?
  • Personalization of curriculum which is result oriented
  • Convenience in pace
  • Peer level interaction with coach, thus providing a suitable platform for learning
  • Resolution to strategic and tactical live issues
  • Structured interaction with flexibility of medium (<>Face, Teleconference, Video conference)
  • Unlimited email interactions with quick response

So lead your professional development and treat yourself with 1-o-1 coaching!

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