Pre-requisites for Business Process Management

‘Essential Process Management for Good Project Management’

Following is a quick list of things one should have in place for effective project management. It is a relevant for a mid-sized organization and upwards. While the situation with large corporations will be more complex, this is a ‘must-be’ list:

  • Job Descriptions defined across the organization
  • Management and Organization structure in place
  • Process flow of core processes that primarily deal with the project exist (for ex: hiring, purchase, budget and financial control, accounts, research & development, etc)
  • Success Measures of each core process defined. (for ex: purchase measures $$ negotiated as its measure of success or PO released on-time)
  • Clear process ownership is agreed for each core process. (for ex: whose neck is on the block if Purchase Orders don’t go on time)
  • Agreed internal department service levels for delivery(for ex: how long it for finance to amend budgets or add a new vendor)
  • Clearly defined escalation paths(for ex: what happens when other department doesn’t oblige to your request)
  • Defined process performance reports and review rigor
  • Individual performance goals linked to project goals
  • Individual performance goals linked to incentives

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