Self-Assessment for HR Managers on their role in Business Strategy?


Here’s is a quick and easy assessment tool for HR managers to gage where their organization stands when it comes to HR managers role in Business Strategy. To know on why you need to take this assessment, check out my article on ‘What a HR manager needs to know and do about Business Strategy?’

  • Does HR participate in SWOT analysis for business strategy formation?
  • Does HR review the alignment of 3-5 years strategic objectives to annual business goals?
  • Does the business planning precede budget planning? Does HR involve beyond headcounts projections?
  • Is there an integrated Planning Calendar that HR uses to trigger annual planning process?
  • How often do you come across accountability issues between senior leaders? Do you resolve them?
  • Typically by when does the Goal Sheet finalized for a middle-level employee? Does the employee have 12 months to deliver?
  • How often have the business leaders come across surprises on annual business initiatives Vs plan? Can HR do something about it?
  • In case of the stretch target, does the manager know how the employee plans to accomplish it? Does HR facilitate the process?

There are no scores, but I m sure you will understand the areas that needs attention. Hoshin Kanri method of deploying strategy has found wide acceptance among HR community worldwide. So if you are already familiar with Hoshin, you can use leverage the structure laid down by Hoshin to increase HR involvement in business strategy deployment. If you aren’t familiar with Hoshin, this is an good opportunity for you to learn more about it.

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