Top 10 Organizational Challenges in Strategy Implementation

There are the top 10 challenges in strategy implementation in the order of significance. Does your organization face these challenges? And what are you doing about it?

  1. Lack of ‘Individual Ownership & Joint Accountability’ for organization goals
  2. Non-synchronized effort between leaders/functions in applying a strategy
  3. Budgetary Planning, Strategic Planning & Performance Planning non-synchronized
  4. Leaders give great talks on prioritization, but they don’t prioritize strategic initiatives
  5. Strategic Initiatives aren’t scoped well – punctuated with long duration & unrealistic goals
  6. Too many strategic initiatives run concurrently leading to strategic fatigue
  7. Most strategic initiatives bet on the same best guys around leading naturally to under performance
  8. Strategic Initiatives evolve from a wish list rather than from environment scanning
  9. No QUANTITATIVE measures of success for strategic initiatives
  10. No systematic mechanism to adapt strategy to changes in external & internal environments

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