What are Skills to lead Strategy Implementation?

One real reason for your organization to fail is not wrong Strategy, but its poor execution. To ensure that does not happen, there are certain skills and experience that are critical :

  • Bulky strategy dossiers don’t matter when it comes to implementation. People who submit such dossiers and leave implementation to you are not the right people to implement strategy. Instead, you will need change agents wo are going to work side-by-side to implement your strategy.
  • When it comes to strategy implementation, industry or sector expertise doesn’t matter. Remember that only to advise you on the next strategic move, sector experience is critical. Instead look for down-to-earth professionals with functional expertise in organizational change, metrics deployment, goal setting, etc.
  • Professionals with proven functional expertise in areas such as Business Transformation, Change Management, Finance, Risk, Technology & Leadership Development would really matter.
  • Most leaders approve the show of aggression as good execution-ability. But execution is a skill that requires good precision, patience, judgment, clarity and persistence. Strategy Implementation is both an art and science of execution.

In a nutshell, the right strategy implementation professionals will stitch together your organization to fulfil your strategy.

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