What goes around, comes around!

This article authored by Neil was originally published in in June 2009. The essence of this article is to all ways of life. But its very pertinent to many professions, more particularly to Project Management as there are multiple stakeholders.

It is miraculously true and accurate. Here is a small but true incident.

A young lady who leads a sales team as sales manager was judged the best performer last year. She keeps up her performance this year too. Being in the role she is in, it is very common to hear her yell at the peak of her voice at her subordinates whose performance lags. At times the language used is also unpleasant, so much so that one would be uncomfortable even overhearing her.

One day what started as a well audible conversation between a restless customer and the sales manager, in a while turned out to be furious and noisy scream? The customer’s language turned rude. Certainly, it wasn’t a pleasant scene. Something must have seriously gone wrong with service to that customer. Ironically, all this happened in front of same colleagues who were used to our sales manager’s dialect. No one bothered to interrupt the customer and break the temper. Everyone watched, probably deep within, they all knew that it is something she deserved. What goes around comes around too.

At the risk of not becoming philosophical, all our actions come back to us – both good & bad. Apart from the recipient of our action, the environment around us including people & objects and our own mind senses the energy associated with it. A good action creates a positive energy within and around us. Similarly negative energy creates bad actions. In essence, our subconscious records all behaviors and our future actions are based on these records.

So simple, isn’t! Next time, if you wonder why you are the only one getting into unmanageable situations, guess were the answer lies – within YOU!

How to change?

Every day before you leave for home, spend few minutes to reflect and see what happened in the office

  • What good and bad happened to you and what you did to others?
  • Take a rational view and be true to yourself, after all this is just a self-reflection.

Something bad that happened to you today is something that you can stop doing to others!

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