What is the best customer experience design tool?

I even don’t know if there is any such tool that is considered best!

I also need to quality the question first before answering it. What do you mean by “Tool”? Is it a software tool or a technique such as a ‘process mapping technique’. I’m going to answer this question by considering the latter perspective.

From my experience, I would consider Customer Journey Mapping to be the single most effective tool to design and improve your CX.

Consider the following points to appreciate why I believe so:

  • Every service or product involves your customer going through a series of steps before he/she makes the purchase and then few more steps to start using it
  • We as owners of the product or service, design it from our perspective, which revolves around efficiency, risk reduction, etc. Customers go through the process from a completely different perspective. Customer Journey Map is a tool to visual that journey from customer’s perspective and tweak it enough so that the customer’s life is simpler, which just means the CX is getting better!
  • Customer Journey Mapping enables you to visualize how you want it to be rather than how it is.
  • It brings out the Levers and Barriers in the journey for a customer and how that can be improved
  • Its simple and enables you to demonstrate creativity
  • You can involve the customer and co-create!

To sum up, I would say with confidence that Customer Journey Mapping is the best CX Tool that I think every organization should consider!

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