What Skills are needed for Business Transformation?

  • What works for large enterprises may not work for mid size organizations! The business transformation professional need to understand what approach suits your organization!
  • Business Transformation professional will need vast experience in leading or handling complex change in in different situations across atleast few different sectors and corporate cultures.
  • The Business Transformation professional should stay focused on delivering measurable and sustainable results.
  • For Business Transformation to be sustainable, the professional leading the change should approach it holistically, rather than as a mere process change. Aspects such as leadership on-boarding, internal mass-communication campaigns, long term transformation roadmap, up-skilling, process re-design, data analysis, automation, process training, on-going process audits and regular reporting should all be integral part of the Business Transformation. If the transformation is of a very large scale, then the entire program office (PMO) should be managed the Business Transformation team.
  • The Business Transformation professional should be a hardcore change agent at heart. One who is used to working by rolling up his/her sleeves.
  • Now, that’s not just it. He/She has to understand ‘Strategy Execution’, “Digital Business Model’ & ‘Customer Experience’ well enough to make your business transformation efforts futuristic and fruitful.
  • Business Transformation professional shouldn’t thrust any specific methodology such as Lean, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints, Balance Score Card, TRIZ, etc. Instead, use he/her expertise in these areas to do what is relevant your business!

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