Why are your clients unhappy even after you deliver great stuff?

And how can you ensure they are happy while you are successful?

Making clients happy and satisfied is not easy. 

In B2B, it’s not merely ensuring on-time deliveries and meeting quality standards that lead to loyalty.

Some argue that it often involves effective communication, meeting or exceeding expectations, being responsive to their needs, and demonstrating a genuine commitment to delivering quality work. 

In complex B2B value chains, clients expect you to lead or support a larger change in their organization and participate in shaping their future. For example, it might involve you to educate their employees to use your products correctly, to help them drive adoption of a new workflow application or to implement an improved process.

They are looking for a comrade not a mercenary.

Yet on some other occasions, you wish to change certain behaviors of your client employees for the larger good though it may not be actively supported by the client.

Your failure in driving such changes leads to greater and wider dissatisfaction. I mean it reaches the ears of key stakeholders and decision makers.

It can be disheartening when clients are unhappy despite putting in good work. 

Why do you think this happens?

How can you ensure clients are happy while you are successful?

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