As manages, leaders and HR professionals, we all do our best to improve the employee satisfaction and engagement.

We lay out processes and provide resources that will help the employee to perform better and deliver his/her best. Most often, we use a prescriptive approach of adopting industry best practices, implementing what is working well for others.

Many times this doesn’t work. You can never be contended by taking the medicines prescribed for someone else because your symptoms are similar!

Employee Journey Mapping involves building a series of hypothesis about the employees such as, likes, dislikes, needs, wants, drivers, motivators and detractors across the end to end journey of the employee, starting from right his/her first interaction with the organization during interviews till termination (or even rehiring). Validating of these hypothesis will help us to design/re-design better systems in the organization for the employee.

If you like to know more about employee journey mapping and how it can help your organization, do connect with me.

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